Calendar Schedule

  • Full functional calendar.
  • Appointment schedule can be accessed from MAXPro at anytime, any where.
  • When start up MAXPro, if there's an appointment for today, MAXPro will warn you and allows you to print appointment schedule and notes.
  • Daily, weekly time block view.
  • Quick search allows you to find an important appointment.


  • Pop up calculator may be accessed any time, any where while using MAXPro.
  • Print-adding machine mode allows MAXPro calculator emulates an adding machine (P key).
  • The result of the calculation may be export to MAXPro application for a quick entry. (Ctrl-P key).

Note Pad

  • Note Pad may be created at anytime, any where in MAXPro.
  • All Note Pads will be saved as ASCII text file format for easy export to other program.
  • File can be appended to an existing Note Pad.
  • Search, Replace allowed.
  • Mail Merge can be done within Note Pad.
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