• Unlimited number of customers or vendors may be added. (Limited by disk storage size only).
  • New customer may be added while making sales.
  • Customer and it's ledger card may be lookup at any time, any where, by alphabetical order, customer number order, ID code order, Zip code order or by phone number.
  • AUtomatically checking for duplication while adding new names.
  • Quick edit allows names or addresses to be changed. If the name changed, all other related information like ledger card will be changed automatically.
  • Ledger card may be merged to another ledger card.
  • Tax exemption orresale number can be retained and will be automatically displayed when entering sales.
  • Three characters ID code allows user to categorize their customer.
  • All mailing labels printed in a required standard format and comply to US Postal Service requirement.
  • Name, address can be printed on index card, Rolex card or any size paper.
  • Form letter for all or a selected customer.
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